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  • Workshop Paris 8éme

    Kees van Beers was born in 1967 near Maastricht in the Netherlands. His family has a long tradition of tailoring, starting in Germany (Kleve) in 1839 and later on in the Netherlands. He is the fourth generation to offer professional knowledge and expertise to demanding customers.

    He studied in The Hague. After that he worked for more than eleven years in the most prestigious houses in Paris and then, at the age of 34, he was workshop manger in two of them.

    Mr Van Beers graduated with honors with a diploma in Modelist Men and Women and he has also a degree (Third Class) in fur.

    KEES VAN BEERS an essential address for bespoke tailoring since 1839 !

  • The appointment

    The creation of your bespoke suit begins with an exchange of ideas between you and the Master Tailor in order to ascertain all your expectations. All this information will be necessary to enhance your silhouette and your personality, as well as details such as the kind of cut you want, the style etc.

    In case you want a very personal service the Master Tailor will visit you at your place of work*. And naturally you can make a special appointment for a visit in our shop, 8 rue Paquier, Paris 8ème.

    *Mondays only between 9 am and 12 am in 6-7-8-16th arr.

  • The choice of fabric

    Kees van Beers offers you the finest, timeless fabrics of British and Italian origin: Holland & Sherry, Harrison of Edinburgh, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna...

    Kees van Beers has selected more than 3000 noble and authentic fabrics for you with rich and deep colours.

  • Fitting cloth

    As a connoisseur of Haute Couture and a virtuoso technician, Kees van Beers applies the methods used in Haute Couture to all his creations. After the choice of a model and taking the measurements, the client fits on a trial cloth in order to get an impression and to appreciate the equilibrium and general allure of the clothes.

    From there on the various details (shoulders, sleeves, waist etc.) are worked out in our workshop below the shop in the heart of Paris.

  • The Pattern

    Every pattern is unique and in perfect harmony with the morphology of each client. Thanks to the professional skill of Kees van Beers the suit is always well proportioned. Right from the start, the client’s assets as well as his shape, build and posture are taken into account in order to provide a perfect fit. A bespoke suit is both elegant and comfortable at the same time.

  • Cutting process

    The process and time taken depends on the type of production chosen. Kees Van Beers proposes his suits in Grand Bespoke Tailoring, Custom Tailoring or Half-Custom Tailoring.

    The art of grand bespoke tailoring:
    These suits are entirely made by our tailors at 8 rue Pasquier in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. With an exceptional skill of more than 20 years experience, our tailors are able to make your suit in 70 hours. Bespoke suits are essentially made by hand.

    Tailor made:
    These suits can be made in the full-traditional or in the half-traditional way, with the skill and expertise of a very specialised tailors, real artisans. The inner lining of a traditional suit is made of horse-hair. It needs 35 hours to make a traditional man's suit for. Exclusively made in Europe.

    Consult our detailed fabrication list here:

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© 2018 Kees Van Beers. Tous droits réservés.

© 2018 Kees Van Beers.
Tous droits réservés.