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  • Kees Van Beers Creative Tailor

    Kees van Beers offers a professional bespoke expertise emanating from Haute Couture: bespoke tailoring, totally workshop-made with bespoke patterns for bespoke or custom tailoring.

    These timeless products of irreproachable workmanship are presented in grand Italian and British fabrics with an exceptional choice of more than 5000 noble and authentic materials. #lepointkeesvanbeers

  • Bespoke Elegance

    The new Kees Van Beers tailor's shop in Paris displays the ambition of a creative tailor to present his clients with the exclusive workmanship of the High Fashion Houses in Paris (maisons d’Haute Couture). From choosing the model, taking measurements to trying on the fabric, followed by a more detailed measurement (shoulders, sleeves, waist) in order to create the pattern that will make you unique and elegant. #lefigaromagazinekeesvanbeers

  • Kees Van Beers: A creative Tailor since four generations and former chief workshop manager of parisian high fashion houses (Haute Couture)

    In the 8th Arrondissement of Paris we find the shop and workshop of Kees van Beers. He offers his clients an exclusive expertise: totally bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring resulting in total harmony with the body shape of each person. The suits, designed in the grandest Italian and British fabrics, are also perfectly proportioned for an elegant and comfortable silhouette. #lexpressekeesvanbeers

  • Elegance for men

    For important days there is a whole range of jackets: from traditional to bobo chic to dandy. The bespoke Frock coat made of wool and mohair with its waistcoat and top hat, made by the creative tailor Kees van Beers (former Chief workshop manager of Hermès) reflects a great tradition of craftsmanship. #galaroyauteskeesvanbeers

  • Kees Van Beers : A creative tailor for elegant men

    Kees van Beers creates and designs bespoke suits for men in his workshop Rue Pasquier, Paris 8ème. A unique craftsmanship and expertise passed down through a family of passionate tailors, also acquired during many years working in the heart of the high fashion houses in Paris.

    Whether you need a suit for a special event or for everyday wear, simply visit the Kees van Beers workshop and you will be in the right place. A stone's throw from the Madeleine in Paris, the Dutch creator, who speaks irreproachable French and English, has the expert eye. He will give you the right advice about the form and fabrics that will fit your body shape and style. Suits, shirts, coats, trench coats, jackets… all are exclusively bespoke tailoring and within a very acceptable amount of time: some costumes can be delivered within ten days!

    Once you have chosen your suit, Kees van Beers and his staff take your measurements and fits you with a trial cloth. This will be then adjusted and used for the creation of the pattern matching the sophistication of the high fashion houses of Paris. (Maisons d’Haute Couture à Paris).

    With a choice of more than 5000 fabrics of very high quality, with rich and deep colors made in Great Britain and Italy, your suit for everyday or for a ceremony will be made in the workshop according the tradition of a grand artisan. And, as Bespoke requires, you can also choose the type of collar, buttons, armholes as well as the most fitting cut: athletic, tall and slim, slim fit. www.mariefrance.fr

  • Because everyone is unique, the tailor and designer Kees Van Beers creates your clothing according to your own measurements. This young creator, who has already directed the workshops of the great names in Parisian Fashion, now welcomes you in his own workshop to create a unique article for you to wear for your marriage.

    Former workshop manger of the grand high fashion houses in Paris, Kees will dress you from head to toe for your wedding. He will design and create a truly bespoke suit, totally adapted to your body shape and personality.

    You will meet your tailor in the tranquillity of his workshop, where he can get to know you and take your measurements. Kees van Beers will give you the right advice about the types of cut to develop your silhouette as well as the choice of fabrics. You can keep an attentive eye during the whole process of realization until the final day.

    The workshop of Kees van Beers is situated in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. You may contact him with all your details or to make an appointment in order to obtain specific advice. www.mariages.net

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